Overcoming Wedding Blues

April 7, 2016

Wedding is a girl’s one of the most beautiful dream..every girl thinks about it
what to do, what to plan, what to wear, and so many questions in her mind..gosh..wedding is so much fun as well a tiring job. You are pampered by everyone. you have to give time to each and every relative and friend as you are the host and center of attraction.. Being nervous as well excited you are adored and loved by your guests, you feel anxious. There are so many mixed feelings there in your mind..
A jittery feeling, anxiety pangs or having cold feet, are common for brides to-be
It is very usual so don’t worry about these wedding blues But getting over the jitters is a must and keeping yourself stress free is even more important.
Most of the brides looked very nervous, tired and stressed in their wedding as there are so many last minute preparations and hurries..so Here are some useful tips for brides to-be by doing it they can look very fresh and happy.

1)Do some exercise or yoga
Exercising keep you fit as well as it makes your mind calm & composed. If you find spare time do some meditation for at least 15 minutes. It will definitely help you.


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2)Relax and listen some music
Music is itself a pain killer & stress reliever. It has a unique link to our emotions, so it can be an extremely effective stress management tool. Listening to music can have a immense relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music. This type of music helps slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones.


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3)Eat good and stay healthy
Eating right is the most important thing. you may have so many options in your wedding but eating right will make you feel fresh. Have some veggies, fresh fruits in your meal,Have nuts and milk in your diet.


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4)Stay in touch with your soul-mate
He is going to be your husband in a very few time. You must share your feelings with him. Talk to him on regular basis. Feel free to talk to him about your anxieties and worries. This will vanish your worries and fears.


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5)Engage yourself in your favorite hobby
Being busy in your hobby is natural stress-buster. It is very difficult to find time for engaging but it is really tried and tested fact you find yourself relaxed and peaceful after doing whatever your hobby is.


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6)Have a dependable person with you
Keep your cell phone away. You should not attend every call. Give your cell phone to a reliable person who is well informed about everything about your wedding venue, timings, wedding related gifts etc. The bride cannot be burdened with this added responsibility, so even though you are the person who knows every minute thing or detail, do not be on the phone!


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7)Spend time with your BFF’s
Bff’s are the best stress reliever. They can do wonders. Do not be so engaged in your wedding plans that you forget about them. Share your worries and anxieties with them. Tell your plans and discuss with them.
Your friends have known you forever, and they would take everything normally like always, and make you feel light.


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8)Don’t Panic
It is not possible that what you have planned! Things will go exactly as per your plans and imaginations. Things are not be perfect always. There would be people to look after such matters. You are already disturbed with so many other issues so if something goes wrong Do not panic or create a fuss, keep yourself calm. Don’t shout or get angry. Everything’s will be alright!


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